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 Solus Dominus, The Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment, Will teach you Polyamory so that you can apply it in your life, But it is a Contrarian definition.                      It is not Polygamy, It is not sleeping three to a bed...or a never ending orgy. Polyamory   doesn't even need to be related to sexual activity at all. 

If you do a Google Image search for "Polyamory" , the government and corporate agenda, "politically correct" nonsense...unfortunately controls the search results that you receive.     The vast majority of results that you get, are the exact opposite of what traditional Polyamory or Polygamy relationships have been in the last 2,000 years...The Propaganda Machine is alive and well. What comes up is 2 Males / 1 Female, 3 Males / 2 females, 3 Female relationship, 3 gay male relationship...almost every combination, with very few images of the most obvious multi-partner relationship of 1 Man ( head of household ) with 2+ Women

   This image is not The Master's definition of Polyamory

Since polygamy is illegal in many countries, people who wish to practice polygamy opt-out of getting married in a traditional setting and choose a casual arrangement.


Polygyny is the specific form of polygamy where a man marries multiple wives. This term is most commonly used interchangeably with polygamy because it’s the most common form of the concept. 

Polyandry ( Where a woman has multiple husbands ) This is Not Natural, and has no part in The Master's Co-Op Community. 

Polyamory ( Study The Master's Definition )

Polygamy is often confused with polyamory, which is a more acceptable and legal way to be in a relationship with multiple partners in the world today.

Polyamory is a type of relationship where a person has multiple partners. All partners typically know of each other and are aware that they are in a polyamorous relationship.

For a healthy Polyamorous relationship to work, all partners need to be open and honest with each other. 

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Seeking Members and Investors for Spiritual Communities in Arizona, Texas, Philippines


1 World 1 People 1 Master 1 Way | Spiritual Enlightenment Co-Op Community

WHY PHOTOS OF WOMEN IN THE NUDE ? Continued in the sidebar. WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL TO SHOW WOMEN "CLOTHING OPTIONAL" Continued in the sidebar. Solus Dominus, Is the Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment. Spiritual BDSM, Spiritual Dance, and Spiritual (Non-Sexual) Nudity are "Stepping Stones" in The Master's Training Curriculum to Attain True Spiritual Enlightenment.

This Woman Would Have to Bring a Lot More to a Relationship, Than Shaking Her Ass


1 World 1 People 1 Master 1 Way | Spiritual Enlightenment Co-Op Community

WHY PHOTOS OF WOMEN IN THE NUDE ? Continued in the sidebar. 


Solus Dominus, Is the Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment. 

Spiritual BDSM, Spiritual Dance, and Spiritual (Non-Sexual) Nudity are 

"Stepping Stones" in The Master's Training Curriculum to Attain True 

Spiritual Enlightenment.

The One and Only True Master of #Spiritual #enlightenment . Co-Op #community , Az, Tx, (future) #Philippines, #yogacults #yoga #yogagirl #meditation


Follow The Master's Natural Way, and Supernatural Way


You must know what is NOT Spiritual Enlightenment, and what actually has NO Spiritual Benefits whatsoever, BEFORE you can have the correct mind-set, to know what TRUE Spiritual Enlightenment is…To use a realistic self-defense concept and principle, You must know what a realistic attack is like, Before you can train to Defend yourself and use realistic Defense in the real world. Traditional Asian Martial Arts are full of “Solutions to Problems That Don’t Exist”

Don’t be like a mouse going through a maze, and going nowhere…If you think that Yoga is in any way beneficial on a spiritual-level, Then you are unfortunately misguided. The majority of the time, Yoga and Traditional Asian Martial Arts, Are nothing more than Cults ( eg. OSHO )

Yoga and The Cult of Osho | Many Toxic Cults Are Yoga-Based | Do Your Homework

If you do your homework on this subject, You will discover that there were ( and still are ) Many Toxic, Horrific Cults that are YOGA-based, and YOGA Meditation-based. If you are trying to use Yoga and Yoga Meditation for so-called spiritual benefits, spiritual enlightenment…You are going down the wrong path !!!You are wasting your time, money, energy…and possibly your soul with something that is complete NONSENSE at the very least. Practicing Yoga and Yoga-based Meditation, OSHO’s cult tried to preach a pretense of Spiritual-related Nonsense, While OSHO himself was sucking people dry of $millions ( $200 Million actually ), drug use, while people are starving around the world, OSHO had 93 Rolls Royce cars, $40K Rolex watch…whether they were gifts or not, it is materialism at it’s worse, It was a sex cult, and some members were selling drugs and involved in prostitution so that they could afford to stay in his “armed compound”…This was nothing but the blind leading the blind. Anything that is Yoga-based or Yoga-based meditation for so-called spiritual enlightenment or any other spiritual benefit, is complete BS.

Contact Solus Dominus, The Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment Immediately, If You have interest in any of the following topics;

  • Attaining True Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Spiritual BDSM 
  • True Sacred Sexuality ( A World Apart From Anything You Could Ever Imagine )
  • Women’s Metaphysical Reality Based Self-Defense
  • Live in The Master’s Co-Op Community, Arizona
  • Live in The Master’s Co-Op Community, Future Community in Texas
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The Master’s Spiritual Enlightenment Training Also Involves Non-Sexual, Spiritual and Physical Nudity, Submission, and Dance. Exposure to Some of These Topics Are on the following blogs, even though the blogs are not organized and are not on a professional-level.

many Yoga cults, this figure may be an ordinary person with an extraordinary ability to command the attention and obedience of a relatively small and obedient group of impressionable followers.

But some cult leaders enjoy an additional layer of legitimacy. They are ordained religious figures with a recognized mantle of spiritual leadership. In effect, they have a mandate to rule – in theory, benignly – over those in their charge.  That official mandate may allow them to attract an unusually large flock of followers – many of them well-educated and socially influential – who are eager to receive spiritual guidance or merely bask in their leader’s presence.

Yoga cults tend to fit this pattern.  Each has at its top a charismatic “guru” steeped in Eastern mysticism. Many – but not all – of these guru figures represent ancient and highly esoteric lineages of yoga practice rooted in different currents and interpretations of Hinduism (or in some cases, Buddhism).  Many began their “ministry” with followers in their native land, typically India. However, once they began branching out to the Western worlds, their sphere of influence and star status, abetted by celebrity followers, widened considerably. 

How a yoga studio turned into a doomsday cult that drank blood …

New York Post › 2023/01/21 › how-a-yoga-studio…

The terrifying new documentary “Aum: The Cult at the End of the World … and founded Aum Shinrikyo in 1987 as a meditation and yoga class.

Experience: my yoga class turned out to be a cult

The Guardian › lifeandstyle › jun › ex…

Jun 26, 2020 — The article described the organisation as a cult, outlining its brainwashing tactics and speaking to several former members I knew.

Yoga Cults – How To Spot Them

Decision Making Confidence › yoga-…

It’s your life, your body, and your money. Don’t waste them in yoga cults. Read more about stopping mind control… Return from Yoga Cults to What Does Cult …

Freedom of Mind Resource Center › Blog

Jul 31, 2020 — Unfortunately, most people have no idea that taking a yoga class could begin a very unhealthy journey into a destructive cult. Remski is …

One of the first – and worst – of these mass yoga cults was the one established in the late 1970s by an Indian-born guru, Bhagwan Rajneesh, who came to be known as the spiritual avatar “Osho.” Rajneesh set out to create an entire community of dedicated followers and used his mesmerizing collective meditations and unbridled sexual orgies to bind them to his directives. Former Osho disciple Roselyn Smith told The Print how Rajneesh’s teaching led to an environment where women lost agency over their sex lives. “The lingo at the ashram was ‘say yes’ and ‘say yes’ to life. One guy made an approach to me and I wasn’t the least bit interested but I felt guilty to refuse him because I wasn’t saying yes to life.”
When Osho and his followers eventually came under siege at home, they picked up and moved overseas to rural Oregon where they soon came into conflict with local residents. Osho’s followers, at his behest, began killing animals, conspired to murder a U.S. attorney, and even poisoned the local water supply. In the ensuing conflict, federal authorities moved in, disbanded the cult, and deported Osho back to India.

The Osho experience featured another key feature of modern yoga cults:  the guru’s accumulation of personal wealth and a lifestyle of unbridled luxury.  This pattern became even more visible in the case of Yogi Bhajan, who set up shop in the Los Angeles area beginning in the late 1960s.  Over the next four decades, he established a spiritual empire that encompassed the world’s four continents.  Like his contemporary Bikram Choudhury (founder of the Bikram “hot” yoga empire, who soon formed his own cult of followers) Bhajan attracted a following among Hollywood celebrities and amassed a personal fortune that included expensive jewelry, a fleet of luxury cars (like other Indian gurus, he fancied Rolls-Royces), a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, and desert ranches in New Mexico and southern California.  He was also influential in politics, with close ties to New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. When Bhajan died in 2008 at the age of 75, Richardson even ordered state flags to be flown at half-mast in his honor.

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