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Showing posts with label #yoga #meditation #nudity #nude #clothing optional #enlightenment #spiritual. Show all posts

Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Master's Curriculum Will Include "Clothing Optional" Non-Sexual Nudity in Training


It is Amazing, The Hypocrisy and Censorship of Social Media Sites...This is related to my blogs on Tumblr...

Tumblr is the least censored of any social media site, when it comes to nudity and sex-related posts, But there is still "politically correct" nonsense going on...

On Tumblr, it is Amazing that you can do a search for "submissive women" and nothing comes up except the warning that it is against Tumblr "policy", ...But no problem doing a search for "feminist / feminism" and having plenty of results pop up. Come on people, Can't we see what is going on with all of these social media sites. Do people really think that there are no other people on the planet that have the knowledge or experience to be able to start a social media site ???

The main blog is These are additional new blogs;

WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL TO SHOW WOMEN "CLOTHING OPTIONAL"  Solus Dominus, Is the Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment. Spiritual BDSM, Spiritual Dance, and Spiritual (Non-Sexual) Nudity are "Stepping Stones" in The Master's Training Curriculum to Attain True Spiritual Enlightenment. There is a Very Long List of Benefits That You Will Receive When You Have Attained Spiritual Enlightenment Through Solus Dominus, But at the Same Time, Don't Fall Into The Paradoxical Trap of Seeking True Enlightenment Because of the Benefits For Selfish Reasons. 

Join The Master's Co-Op Community. Nudity and Polyamory does not need to be sexual, It needs to be a "stepping stone" to The True Spiritual-Realm of Enlightenment. There is only One Enlightened Master in the world and His name is Solus Dominus, and He Currently Resides in Arizona, USA Seeking Members and Investors for Spiritual Communities in Arizona, Texas ( and future ) community in The Philippines. or: 

Thursday, July 6, 2023

You Must Learn How to Transition From Physical Nudity to Spiritual Enlightenment


The Master's Co-Op Community is Your New Family, Your New Life, Unconditional Love

Seeking an investor ( or investors ), to finish the development of 50 acres in rural TEXAS that we own. The One True Master,Solus Dominus co-op community. Don't you want a safe place off-grid, where you can live a life of True Spiritual Enlightenment. The Master is currently residing in Arizona.

The 120 Club ( Generally, I Do Not Date Any Woman Over 120 lbs.)

 Of course I would prefer that you choose to follow the Truth...Not the nonsense of "my truth" or "a truth"...How about ...