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Showing posts with label #arizona #spiritual #spirituality # #enlightenment #higherconsciousness #spirituality #yoga #love #spiritualawakening #meditation #enlightenment #globalpeace #unity. Show all posts

Monday, February 26, 2024

The Uncomfortable Truth is That There Are Only Two Spiritual Vortexes in The World

 There are only two spiritual vortexes in the world, One is in the Philippines,

And the other one is in Arizona ( and nowhere near Sedona )

M/f Couple is looking for the right "Unicorn" to join our relationship.
Spiritual Throuple / Closed Polyamory.
If chosen, You must relocate to the Master's residence in Arizona 
at your own expense. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Do You REALLY Want Global Peace and Unity or Not

  I'm talking to the bi-ladies out there. Talk to my Master first, and let's see if it's a good fit. The main thing that Master and I are focusing on; Finding the RIGHT feminine, submissive female to join us in our family dynamic, Closed Triad ( monogamous within our Throuple ). If you are a male , it is also possible to join our family, But it would be in the form of a Quad, Because you would need to be in a long-term relationship with a female, and be financially stable. If you are a solo male, You will need to be at a high-level of financial success, and in the future be actively seeking a submissive female that is interested in a Quad relationship. Any female that you would want to join us, must be "voted in" by us. If a female / female couple is interested in joining us, both should be feminine and submissive ( even if one partner is an alpha female ), both must be collared by Master. Just so you know. Both of us are employed, work full-time +, in a professional environment, ( one at home and one outside of the home ). If you are outside of the Phoenix area, You must relocate at your own expense. If you cannot relocate, But have a strong interest to join our family Throuple / Quad , let us know what your situation is, and we will be open for a possible compromise related to location.

There are 3 locations that should be developed in some way, For the Master's Spiritual Enlightenment 
and Spiritual BDSM Communities. 
Arizona ( Master's Current Residence )



The message can only go as far as the $Dollar can carry it

The Master is a *Contrarian*, So don't expect *conformist* answers to life's biggest questions.

 There are no multiple / plural spiritual masters or gurus. Saneiv is the ONE Spiritual Master in the world. Attain true spiritual enlighten...