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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The Current Theme of The Spiritual Master's Co-Op


The common theme for our co-op community in the start-up stage, is "Seeking Quality Members and Investors" ( and you can be an Investor, Without being a Member of the      co-op. ...The Message can only go as far as the $Dollar can carry it" 



 This is NOT to promote the women in these videos, Even though the Black
woman is extremely beautiful on a physical-level. You will have to be involved
in The Master's training, to be able to discover one of the most important reasons
why ( some ) women are a very necessary element in the process of attaining
True Spiritual Enlightenment, Which can only be reached through the Training
of The Master, Solus Dominus.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Get Real, Nudity is Natural. Run to the Truth and Not to a Lie


Join The Master's
Co-Op Community
 in Arizona and Texas

Make no mistake about it, Yoga and Meditation,
as practiced in the world today, and through all 
existing teachers, is Toxic Nonsense and a waste
of time, money and energy. Why do I say this?
Because they are false teachers, Teaching a false
Doctrine ...The Spiritually Blind, Leading the Blind.
I found this to be very true in the Traditional Asian Martial Arts,
The physical-level aspects of learning martial arts is usually just
a smoke screen for what they really want to promote, Which is Eastern
Religion, and their version of the Spiritual-level.

Fact; The Government is the largest cult on the planet, Always has been and always will be.
We promote critical thinking. So, In your critical thinking journey, analyze the possible agenda of the government that they might be putting such a strong focus on "cults" in 2023
because all governments hate competition. It's NOT "power to the people" , The foundation of the Government Cult is creating and maintaining THEIR POWER and CONTROL.

The 120 Club ( Generally, I Do Not Date Any Woman Over 120 lbs.)

 Of course I would prefer that you choose to follow the Truth...Not the nonsense of "my truth" or "a truth"...How about ...