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Friday, May 31, 2024

Members and Investors, But Unortunately Most People Run To Lies and Run From The Truth

Wouldn't you rather run to the Truth ?

 Just so you know the level of funding that is required;

2 Year Overall Budget For a  Co-Op Community Arizona $590K 

2 Year Overall Budget For a Co-Op Community ( Rural West Texas ) $590K-$650K

5 Year Overall Budget For a Co-Op Community ( Philippines ) 

( Master needs to eventually reside in the Philippines for 6+ months each year )

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Alcohol and Sex as Part of "Sexual Yoga" ( Tantric Sex )

 It is in YOUR best interest to join the Master's co-op community.

Master would prefer that investor(s) were also members of the

community, But it's not mandatory.

Everything related to the Master's co-op community is for ADULTS


All 3 locations need to be developed; Arizona, Texas, and the Philippines. 

Who is "The Master" ? Solus Dominus, ( Dominus is the Latin word for Master or Owner ,

One Owner or One Master...which is very appropriate for Solus Dominus, Who is the One 

and Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment, and Master of Spiritual BDSM ( Solus 

Dominus is the contrarian Master of Truth and Life, and at the same time, Solus Dominus has 

no pretense of  Piety. Most people run from Truth, and run to the masses                  

( sheeple ) run to Yoga and Yoga-based meditation...ending up in Yoga-based Cults, Whether 

they realize it or not. Another example is the massive numbers of people who run to Christian 

"Mega-Churches"...Both Yoga and Mega Church Leaders are nothing but the Spiritually Blind 

Leading the Spiritually Blind...

Tantric sex or sexual yoga refers to a range of practices in Hindu and Buddhist tantra that utilize sexuality in a ritual or yogic context. Tantric sex is associated with antinomian or elements such as the consumption of alcohol, and the offerings of substances like meat to deities. Moreover sexual fluids ( "sexual fluids" is the watered-down term for "playing with cum" ( sperm ) may be viewed as power substances and used for ritual purposes, either externally or internally.[1][2]

The actual terms used in the classical texts to refer to this practice include "Karmamudra" (Tibetan: ལས་ཀྱི་ཕྱག་རྒྱ las kyi phyag rgya, "action seal") in Buddhist tantras and "Maithuna" (Devanagari: मैथुन, "coupling") in Hindu sources. In Hindu Tantra, Maithuna is the most important of the five makara (five tantric substances) and constitutes the main part of the Grand Ritual of Tantra variously known as PanchamakaraPanchatattva, and Tattva Chakra. In Tibetan Buddhism, karmamudra is often an important part of the completion stage of tantric practice.

yogi is a practitioner of Yoga,[1] including a sannyasin or practitioner of meditation in Indian religions.[2] The feminine form, sometimes used in English, is yogini.

Yogi has since the 12th century CE also denoted members of the Nath siddha tradition of Hinduism,[3] and in HinduismBuddhism and Jainism, a practitioner of tantra.[4][5] In Hindu mythology, the god Shiva and the goddess Parvati are depicted as an emblematic yogi–yogini pair.[6]

No mater how you label it, or try to explain it, Yoga is Toxic, Ludicrous Nonsense IF you think it has any inherent benefits for Spiritual Enlightenment... ( The Master's Definition and application of Polyamory is unique ) ( consensual adults only, Whether role play or 24/7 M/s Relationship


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The Master is a *Contrarian*, So don't expect *conformist* answers to life's biggest questions.

 There are no multiple / plural spiritual masters or gurus. Saneiv is the ONE Spiritual Master in the world. Attain true spiritual enlighten...