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Monday, July 10, 2023

Why Female Nudity and How Is It Related to Enlightenment ?

 “He who does not desire power is fit to hold it.” — Plato

Are you somewhere between perplexed and intrigued about the fact that there are NUDE women on this blog ? The Only True Enlightened Master, Solus Dominus, Has been Chosen by The Highest Power, Infinite Intelligence ( not a higher power ), and the bottom line is that when Solus Dominus is commanded by Highest Power / Infinite Intelligence, through Spiritual and Vision Revelation, That Human Females are required to use Appropriate Nudity in Spiritual Context, To Attain True Spiritual Enlightenment. I am not in the position to question these commands. Solus Dominus will lead, and you will follow. 

The Fundamental Bottom Line is that everyone needs to stop the Nonsense, and stop running to the lies and stop running away from the Truth.

  • You need to contact Solus Dominus, The Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment. Any Spiritual Training outside of The Master, Solus Dominus, is False Teaching.
  • Join The Master's Spiritual Enlightenment Co-Op Community in Apache Junction, Arizona ( future community will be in West Texas on 50 acres, Which we have already obtained...Needs Investor(s) to complete the property development, increase exposure, etc. "The message can only go as far as the dollar can carry it"
  • Solus Dominus is The One and ONLY True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment...The only way that I can attempt to explain "why" I was called and chosen to rule the Spiritual World, The Spiritual-Realm as it is related to humans on Planet Earth, is this quote; "The best person to have power is the one who doesn't want it."
  • Don't over-think this decision that you are facing. It appears to be a paradox, You have Free Will in the physical-realm, and Yet in the Spiritual-realm you have very limited Free Will.
  • There are Horrific consequences if you live out your life on Earth, Separated from Spiritual Enlightenment that can only be attained through The Master, Solus Dominus.
  • If you "choose to be Chosen" by The Master, Solus Dominus, You will soon find out that Solus Dominus is the Contrarian Master. Most of what you imagine ( or have preconceived images and opinions of what The True Master "should be" , He is Not. He is Contrary to what and who is Popular and / or Accepted. If you are seeking a "cookie cutter" guru wearing beads and a their "spiritual" robe, long hair, maybe a beard, etc.etc...all the "spiritual bells and whistles" , Spouting their nonsense, The ( Spiritually ) "Blind leading the Blind" , Nothing but a Court Jester , Toxic Entertainment for the Sheeple...
  • The Master, Solus Dominus, has no connection with the New Age Melting Pot, Which is False Spirituality, a Smorgasbord of Nonsense. Solus Dominus has no connection with the current explosion in the popularity of Yoga and / or Meditation. Meditation, as taught by anyone other than Solus Dominus, is nothing more than a Brainwashing tool for cults, Whether they are established cults or developing cults that are still in their infancy. If you are involved in Yoga, Believing that it has "spiritual" benefits, You are actually involved in an activity that has NO spiritual benefit, But in reality, will eventually manifest very toxic effects, is a waste of time, energy and money. It is a pretense of piety, and I think that we have all seen the photos of people sitting in the lotus position, on a mountain peak, oh so "holy" and "spiritual" ...It's nonsense. The Master, Solus Dominus, Has no pretense of piety. This is a good example of why the pretense of piety is a ludicrous endeavor. Through Revelation and Vision from the Infinite Intelligence and Pure Light and Love , It was revealed that specific, Enlightened females are necessary to access a True Spiritual Vortex. Solus Dominus cannot connect with the specific, Enlightened female who has not attained spiritual and physical submission. ( Yes, You can be an Alpha Female and be in complete spiritual and physical submission...But your submission must be confined to Submission to Solus Dominus, and Therefore submission to the Infinite Intelligence, Pure Light and Love...
  • The "Needs" and "wants" includes the need for a professional website. It's very obvious that the current blog is NOT on a professional-level.
  • How do you think that you can attain the degree of Submission that is necessary for True Spiritual Enlightenment, If you are still clinging to the Victorian sexual repression mind-set. There is a modification of this sexual repression mind-set, and it is taught by The Master, Solus Dominus, That the woman who exists in Nudity also cultivates her Spiritual Submission. Nudity can be in the Physical-realm, and therefore can lead to Physical-realm sexual activity, or on a much higher level, Nudity will open the door to your Spiritual Life purpose and Enlightenment, if it is dedicated to Solus Dominus and The Infinite Intelligence, Pure Light and Love. Only then can you practice True Sacred Sexuality, Which no one can comprehend without first going through Solus Dominus. There is no hidden, "secret" motive or agenda. This is the NATURAL Way , And it is the Only Acceptable Supernatural Way to Live.
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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Get Real, Nudity is Natural. Run to the Truth and Not to a Lie


Join The Master's
Co-Op Community
 in Arizona and Texas

Make no mistake about it, Yoga and Meditation,
as practiced in the world today, and through all 
existing teachers, is Toxic Nonsense and a waste
of time, money and energy. Why do I say this?
Because they are false teachers, Teaching a false
Doctrine ...The Spiritually Blind, Leading the Blind.
I found this to be very true in the Traditional Asian Martial Arts,
The physical-level aspects of learning martial arts is usually just
a smoke screen for what they really want to promote, Which is Eastern
Religion, and their version of the Spiritual-level.

Fact; The Government is the largest cult on the planet, Always has been and always will be.
We promote critical thinking. So, In your critical thinking journey, analyze the possible agenda of the government that they might be putting such a strong focus on "cults" in 2023
because all governments hate competition. It's NOT "power to the people" , The foundation of the Government Cult is creating and maintaining THEIR POWER and CONTROL.

The 120 Club ( Generally, I Do Not Date Any Woman Over 120 lbs.)

 Of course I would prefer that you choose to follow the Truth...Not the nonsense of "my truth" or "a truth"...How about ...