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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Topics For Women, From Fashion to Spiritual Enlightenment.


SEEKING MEMBERS and INVESTORS for The Master's co-op community. Arizona, Texas, and/or future co-op community in The Philippines.

I will hand any of my negative emails over to my Enforcer , He's Ruthless...Lol

Solus Dominus, is the One True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment. Non-Sexual Nudity, Spiritual Dancing and Submission is part of The Master's training...But these Spiritual "stepping stone tools" are just the "tip of the iceberg" of the benefits of training through Solus Dominus. Just as an example of the "contrarian" training of The Master; Yoga and Meditation, ( as taught in the world today, and is very popular ), If you are trying to use these practices for Spiritual Purposes outside of The One True Master, It is nothing but the (Spiritually) Blind leading the blind. or:

The LAST thing in the world that MOST women want is "Equality" ...You need to repeat over and over, Just the fact that a male would be concerned with promoting "Equality" in a relationship, Shows that you need The Master's course on "How to be a Real Man" ...These are just approximate ages...But if you are currently younger than 55, the odds are very high that you have NO concept about how to be a REAL MEN...

So what is the list of what most women REALLY want in a man ? Stop listening to the Radical Feminist Agenda , They do NOT want "Equality" ...Women are looking for a LEADER , Plain and Simple. And Dominant Alpha Male Leaders are in EXTREMELY SHORT SUPPLY IN 2023. Women want a man who is masculine, fair, strict, discipline, honest, a man of his word, emotionally strong, NOT fake or a "Yes Dear" type of male. When a man has these qualities, Other qualities naturally take care of themselves; Love and Loyalty, Not a Cheater, Dedicated to the relationship, But not afraid to walk away from a toxic woman. Never go along with the BS statement of "Happy Wife, Happy Life" , It's complete nonsense. Take charge and be a real Man, or your partner will NEVER have respect for you, and eventually your relationship will be a Train Wreck...

The 120 Club ( Generally, I Do Not Date Any Woman Over 120 lbs.)

 Of course I would prefer that you choose to follow the Truth...Not the nonsense of "my truth" or "a truth"...How about ...