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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Most Skinny Women in Yoga Started That Way, It Wasn't a Result of Practicing Yoga

Yoga, if used for so-called spiritual reasons is toxic nonsense, and is at
foundation of several large, horrific cults. 
Even on a physical ( flexibility ) level , Yoga does not have a monopoly on unique
ways that the human body can move. 
People see these really thin and flexible women in Yoga classes...They usually start off thin and flexible BEFORE they ever spent one hour in Yoga...They didn't get that way from Yoga. 


Saturday, May 11, 2024

Solus Dominus Spiritual Enlightenment Center | #arizona #texas #philippines #spirituality


Solus Dominus Spiritual BDSM Enlightenment Center

Investor(s) wanted for developing the Solus Dominus Spiritual BDSM Enlightenment Center and Co-Op Community. Arizona-Texas-Philippines
Arizona ( where Master currently resides ), Texas ( where I have access to 50 acres
of undeveloped land near Paulville, Texas )...
Philippines, expenses paid for at least 6 months out of every year. All co-op communities will be self-sufficient within 2 years.
There are other projects, investments, donations available;
( this is not a 501(c)3 organization. )

  1. Donation of a vehicle of any type as long as it is running and reliable.
  2. And/or use of any vehicle.
  3. Use of an extra room in your home, or extra residential or commercial space.
  4. Use of your talents and/or labor to assist The Master, Solus Dominus.
    eg. Housekeeper, general cleaning, organizing, massages, donation for building a simple website with blog feature, etc.
    The Master has stated that "True Spiritual Enlightenment that can only be attained through The Master Solus Dominus, Will not be served to you on a silver platter.
Any age 18+ to Seniors...This is the only place on the planet where
you can experience true unconditional love.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Monday, April 29, 2024

Do you think that de-evolution and adaptation is more likely than evolution


Do you think there is de-evolution or evolution.

The supreme service which humans can render to evolving humans is to answer for them, dynamically, the great unanswerable question concerning the One universal force which humans call God, or Mind, or by other names.

You can learn to do what no other humans can do.

You will learn to attain true spiritual enlightenment

You will learn that there is a Realm that is beyond complete submission

You can learn that there is sex ( Master's sacred sexuality ) that is beyond any 

sexual experience that you have ever had, or will ever have without the Master's guided

training sessions.  Master Solus Dominus will provide you with the "tools" needed to 

experience Infinite Spiritual Dimensions through your personal travel at the speed of 

thought to any spiritual dimension, Dimensions that you never knew existed...Also 

dimensions that YOU create. If you want to create the ultimate dimension of sexual 

pleasure, Then it will be attainable. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

If People Cannot See The Truth, Then Unfortunately This is Where The Truth Ends


The Only True Spiritual Master of Enlightenment, Solus Dominus...Will Train, Guide and Mentor You in BDSM ( to eliminate your self-centered motivation, EGO ), Then You will be taught Spiritual BDSM ( The Master's version is a "stepping stone" to attain true enlightenment )...Leading to your spiritual enightenment. As the Master's influence grows, People ( not the sheeple ), will realize that True World Peace will not just be "possible" , But will actually manifest into reality.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Guided Love Making ( Sacred Sex ) For Spiritual Power

  Your perspective on the universe and the nature of reality is quite profound. You’re suggesting that:

  1. The universe is a dimensionless reality composed of light or matter, which are the substance of the Mind, and the force of this universe is the electromagnetic energy of thinking.
  2. The physical universe of form is an illusion created by the Mind’s image-making faculty, whose purpose is to conceive ideas and give them the appearance of form.
  3. Form and dimension are attributes of motion, not of matter, which is of the substance of Mind. This is analogous to how the form of bubbles in ocean foam are attributes of motion, not of the ocean substance.
  4. When analyzing the effects of motion that constitute this creating universe, we are dealing with an illusion, an idea only, which has its cause in thinking Mind.

This viewpoint presents a unique interpretation of reality, attributing the phenomena we observe to the workings of the Mind. It suggests a deep interconnection between thought and the physical world. However, it’s important to note that this is a philosophical perspective and may differ from empirical scientific understanding.



The Master is a *Contrarian*, So don't expect *conformist* answers to life's biggest questions.

 There are no multiple / plural spiritual masters or gurus. Saneiv is the ONE Spiritual Master in the world. Attain true spiritual enlighten...