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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Government Has an Agenda That Involves Division, No Unity

 The government has had an agenda for several decades now...Where they promote Black Males

being with white females...Do You think it is "only a coincidence" that 90% or more of TV 

commercials ,( not to mention regular TV and Movies ), black males are always married to, dating,

hooked up with, etc...with white women ( not Asians or Hispanics ), and if it is a black couple, the 

male almost always has darker skin than the female...or they show just one of the couple, but they have 

their child interacting with the adult, and they are mixed-race ( white and black )...Nothing inherently 

wrong with this scenario, UNLESS it is done by the government cramming it down out throats...White 

males need to start opening their minds and hearts to the beauty of Black Females / "Mixed-Race" 

Puerto Rican / Black Females, and Island Girls ( Puerto Ricans and Cubans )...Beauty on so many 

levels and so many reasons, and No, They don't need to have giant breasts ...

The bottom line is that the government generally encourages and promotes DIVISION of 

of the different races, and regardless what they claim, Does NOT promote UNITY and 


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