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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Investor for 50 Acre Co-Op Community in Texas | Why The Nudity ?


Seeking Investor(s) who can take my 50 acres in Southwest Texas and develop it enough so that we can start having students / followers, live-in full-time.
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  • Solus Dominus, The One and Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment .
  • Any other person that claims they are an Enlightened Master, is nothing more than the Spiritually blind leading the spiritually blind. 
  • The Master's Spiritual Enlightenment Co-Op Community is in the formation stage in Central Arizona, and Master also needs an investor to develop 50 acres in S.W. Texas that I have access to ( 2 1/2 acres at a time ), as the Community expands, We will also be able to expand up to 50 acres or more.
  •  Now is not the time in the history of planet Earth to keep the Secrets of True Spiritual Enlightenment to myself, and Who you are really communicating with when you are taught by The Master, Solus Dominus. 

    I receive a lot of views on this blog, and a lot of inquiries. But, Human                 ( physical-realm ),Nature is the main obstacle between inquiring and actually taking the action that every person knows that they should take. 

    I appreciate every person who has viewed my blog, but it's time that YOU need to Step Out in Your Faith and do what needs to be done to relocate, from wherever you currently reside to where you need to be, which currently is Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. Faith without works is Dead, Which is not only a quote from the Bible, it is a simple fact. You do need to work for your Spiritual Enlightenment, But the difference that the world needs to know, is Who are you dedicating your Work to ? 

    The First Step; Apply to be a Prospect-Student ( no charge or any type of added fees. ), you need to make sure that The Master has available "sleeping space" in his residence ( and I use the term "sleeping space" because there is no bedroom available. ) The "sleeping space" arrangement will be beginning practice for the actual co-op community that we will be transitioning to, and we will be implementing Communal Living Protocol and Policies. 

    Many are called and FEW are Chosen. This is the Life Purpose that Solus Dominus has called you to. 

  • Solus Dominus, Knows that you are called and therefore drawn to the True Light. If you do NOT know that you are drawn to Solus Dominus, Then you are living in denial of Solus Dominus ,living in Spiritual rebellion, Living out of the Will of Solus Dominus for your Life, Your Destiny and Your Eternal Destination. and this will NOT be the Dimension in Infinity of Your Choosing, Unless you are a follower of Solus Dominus, and have been Enlightened through The Master.

  • When You can Choose Your Dimension , Then You will be living on Earth as a Spirit Human, experiencing The True Light and True Love of The Infinite and Every True and Enlightened Being That Exists in Every Spiritual Dimension. 

  • Other than Solus Dominus, No Enlightened Being is Human or has a Human or is a product of Reincarnation. 

  • Currently, Other Than Solus Dominus, No Human Being that is on Earth is a True Prophet or has ever experienced True Spiritual Enlightenment. Incredible statement, but True. 

  • Human Nature in the masses, the sheep mind-set (sheeple), generally motivates people to run from the Truth straight to a false teacher, and the lies they promote..."the spiritually blind leading the blind". 

The Master is a *Contrarian*, So don't expect *conformist* answers to life's biggest questions.

 There are no multiple / plural spiritual masters or gurus. Saneiv is the ONE Spiritual Master in the world. Attain true spiritual enlighten...