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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Do You Want to Dance to Your Ego or To The True Spiritual Master

You do not need to be an experienced belly dancer. You will learn to free dance
in the Spirit to honor, respect and worship your true Master of Spiritual Enlightenment.
Focus on Your Master and not on your "self" ( ego )...this is a step forward in attaining
True Spiritual Enlightenment through Solus Dominus.
Common-Sense Should Tell You That Any Person, Group / Organization
That Seeks The Best, Uses Some Form of RECRUITING...
Join Our Commune ( Co-op Community ) for Spiritual-Supernatural BDSM
Let us always be honest and upfront, No hidden agenda ( what a unique concept in 2023 ), I want "The Chosen"
to be completely dedicated and loyal to The One True Master, Solus Dominus...But your decision does not alter this
fact. The Master should be operating, basically on a "blank check" budget, "Needs" supplied to the maximum, and the
Master's "wants" to the minimum...But the world chases after nonsense and lies. Are you one of the exceptions ?
Join The Master's Commune ( Co-op Community ) for Spiritual-Supernatural BDSM . True Sacred Sexuality | True Mental-
Emotional-Sexual Healing Through Solus Dominus, The One and Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment, and True Spiritual BDSM.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Master's Books and Journals

My books and Journals are available ONLY through the Amazon website ( that's the agreement I made ), I have over 200 available books and journals, using 10 different "pen names"...Outside of self-defense related material, search Amazon books by Author; Solus Dominus , Don Piety., Ted Robinson

It Will Be Relaxed at The Freedom Commune

The Master is a *Contrarian*, So don't expect *conformist* answers to life's biggest questions.

 There are no multiple / plural spiritual masters or gurus. Saneiv is the ONE Spiritual Master in the world. Attain true spiritual enlighten...