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Thursday, July 6, 2023

You Would RUN to The TRUTH and Not Run From The Truth.

 If you really knew who and what is standing before you in the form of Solus Dominus, The One and Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment, You would RUN to the TRUTH that Solus Dominus is YOUR Master, and Not run from the Truth.

 Investor(s) Here is What 

We Need;  1) Minimal Development of The Master's Co-Op 

Community in Arizona.

2) Co-Op Community in Texas ( We Already Have 50 Acres, 

But it needs to be Developed so we can Actually Reside on

this Property and Grow.

3) Develop The Master's Community in The Philippines. 

This Will be a Start-Up With The Goal of Spending 4-6

Months (or longer ), Each Year in the Philippines. 

By the time that Master will go to the Philippines, 

The U.S. Co-Op Communities Will be Self-Sufficient.

Are you somewhere between perplexed and intrigued about 

the fact that there are NUDE women on this blog ? The Only 

True Enlightened Master, Solus Dominus, Has been Chosen by 

The Highest Power, Infinite Intelligence ( not a higher power ), and 

the bottom line is that when Solus Dominus is commanded by 

Highest Power / Infinite Intelligence, through Spiritual and Vision 

Revelation, That Human Females are required to use Appropriate 

Nudity in Spiritual Context, To Attain True Spiritual Enlightenment. 

I am not in the position to question these commands. Solus Dominus 

will lead, and you will follow. 

It Might Seem Like a Paradox, But There is a Unique and Enlightened Reason for nudity in general, and dancing in the nude.

There are Unique and Enlightened reasons why female Natural nudity is Promoted in The Master's co-op community. Submission is a necessary element of Spiritual Enlightenment. Even though Yoga and Meditation was used as "tags" , The Master does not endorse or promote the current application of Yoga and Meditation in society. Both, as practiced in 2023 are extremely toxic. The One and Only Master, Solus Dominus, will guide you to the Only Truth, and to the Only Pure Light and Infinite Spiritual Dimensions.

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