Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Only True Enlightened Master, Solus Dominus, Is Seeking The Right Female Partner LTR

 If You Are a "Member" of this blog , Then Take The Next Step And Make Contact With The Only True Spiritual Master of Enlightenment.

You Can Be An Alpha Female , But You Must Still Be Submissive and Obedient to Your Master to actually be on the Physical, Emotional, and Mental -level to Transition to the Spiritual-level..the Key to The Only True "Door" to Attain Enlightenment Through the Master Solus Domins.
Master prefers a woman as his partner who is between ( approximately ) 4ft. 10 inch 85 lbs. and 5ft. 8 in. 120 lbs ( and yes, there are exceptions ), Race and/or Nationality of the woman is irrelevant. As stated earlier, Must be submissive and obedient. Must be a consensual ADULT 18+


A woman must earn their collar 

The supreme service which humans can render to evolving humans is to answer for them, dynamically, the great unanswerable question concerning the One universal force which humans call God, or Mind, or by other names.

You can learn to do what no other humans can do.

You will learn to attain true spiritual enlightenment

You will learn that there is a Realm that is beyond complete submission

You can learn that there is sex ( Master's sacred sexuality ) that is beyond any 

sexual experience that you have ever had, or will ever have without the Master's guided

training sessions.  Master Solus Dominus will provide you with the "tools" needed to 

experience Infinite Spiritual Dimensions through your personal travel at the speed of 

thought to any spiritual dimension, Dimensions that you never knew existed...Also 

dimensions that YOU create. If you want to create the ultimate dimension of sexual 

pleasure, Then it will be attainable. 

Contact Master Solus Dominus for more information. 

Race is Irrelevant #blackwomen #puertorican #latina #nuyorican #blackwoman


Master prefers a woman that is not over 120 lbs. , and no tattoos.
But there are a few exceptions

Master prefers a feminine woman with long hair.
Obedient, and submissive, But not a doormat or a robot.
Race is irrelevant

Few Actually Seek True Spiritual Enlightenment


The Ball Is On Your Side Of The Court | #spirituality , Sacred Sexuality



Are you interested in being trained in true sacred sexuality ?

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If People Cannot See The Truth, Then Unfortunately This is Where The Truth Ends


The Only True Spiritual Master of Enlightenment, Solus Dominus...Will Train, Guide and Mentor You in BDSM ( to eliminate your self-centered motivation, EGO ), Then You will be taught Spiritual BDSM ( The Master's version is a "stepping stone" to attain true enlightenment )...Leading to your spiritual enightenment. As the Master's influence grows, People ( not the sheeple ), will realize that True World Peace will not just be "possible" , But will actually manifest into reality.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Guided Love Making ( Sacred Sex ) For Spiritual Power

  Your perspective on the universe and the nature of reality is quite profound. You’re suggesting that:

  1. The universe is a dimensionless reality composed of light or matter, which are the substance of the Mind, and the force of this universe is the electromagnetic energy of thinking.
  2. The physical universe of form is an illusion created by the Mind’s image-making faculty, whose purpose is to conceive ideas and give them the appearance of form.
  3. Form and dimension are attributes of motion, not of matter, which is of the substance of Mind. This is analogous to how the form of bubbles in ocean foam are attributes of motion, not of the ocean substance.
  4. When analyzing the effects of motion that constitute this creating universe, we are dealing with an illusion, an idea only, which has its cause in thinking Mind.

This viewpoint presents a unique interpretation of reality, attributing the phenomena we observe to the workings of the Mind. It suggests a deep interconnection between thought and the physical world. However, it’s important to note that this is a philosophical perspective and may differ from empirical scientific understanding.



Monday, April 8, 2024

Join The True Spiritual Master in The Philippines ( or Arizona, Your Choice ) #philippines #filipina

 Join The True Spiritual Master in The Philippines ( or Arizona, Your Choice ) #philippines #filipina.

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Friday, April 5, 2024

World Peace Can Actually Be Attained Through The Only True Spiritual Master, Solus Dominus

It Was The Massive Popularity of the Beatles ( music group ) in the mid-60's, That Put India-Based Spirituality on the Map, No, The Beatles Did NOT start Hinduism, etc. But Without Their Popularity of the Beatles, "gurus" from India Would Be No More Known Than "Psychic Surgeons" in the Philippines.
After the Beatles' 1966 US tour, Harrison broadened his interest of Indian culture to include Hinduism. He and his wife, went on a pilgrimage to Mumbai to meet gurus. In 1968, all four Beatles went to Rishikesh in northern India to study meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Although the Beatles did not continue their relationship with the Maharishi, Harrison became involved in the Hare Krishna tradition until his death in 2001.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teachings, in my opinion, is complete nonsense, ludicrous ramblings, But he was also the template of the sterotyped, cookie cutter "guru" . Do we really need to discuss the CULT of Hare Krishna.
To attain true enlightenment, You must first eliminate ego, and any focus on your self-centered motivation. The other aspect that must be eliminated is spirituality topics and practices that do NOT work, are NOT beneficial, and the topics that are extremely toxic and/or dangerous to your true spirituality, and your true self.
Poly "gods" is a false teaching. Solus Dominus is the true Spiritual Master of Enlightenment. The teachings of Solus Dominus is the most valid life that you could ever experience, It means absolutely nothing if YOU do not separate from the sheeple and actually contact the Master. This is the ONLY way for there to be World Peace through YOUR Inner Peace and Enlightenment.

Enlightened Masters is a Myth | #enlightenedmasters #ascendedmasters


Members can be any age from "18-80" ( in reality, 18-65 )
As long as you are at least 18 years old. The choice is yours, Whether
to apply the "clothing optional" theme, as long as this freedom doesn't turn
into boosting your ego. The purpose is not to show off your body.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Donate The Use of an Empty Bedroom For The Greatest Spiritual Movement


We need to communicate. Spiritual Master, Solus Dominus, needs a 

room(s) in your home, to be able to expand the spiritual movement.

This is not sex-related, But companionship is definitely an asset for

a positive environment. Master has no pets, does not drink or do any

type of drug. ***the photo of this woman has nothing to do with the

post, so please do not contact me, thinking that you are connecting with

this woman. 

I have a residence and a car, Both of which I am selling, which will be used

for necessary expenses to promote this spiritual movement. I will pay for

the additional auto insurance needed, But I will also need the use of your

car, or a 2nd used car that is reliable ( doesn't matter what it looks like )

This is another option. I do have "seed money" to plant for the promotion 

of the greatest spiritual movement in history. Very reasonable room rental 

Cost to house a student / follower. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Share Your Home With Master And Attain Enlightenment and Receive a Special Blessing



You will receive a special blessing in the afterlife, Because you have assisted in a very important way, for expansion of the Master's Spiritual Movement, by opening your home to the Master, Solus Dominus.

"You have opened the door into the infinite—Science must enter. It may hesitate; it may engage in controversy, but it cannot afford to ignore the principles you have established which eventually will revolutionize man's concept of himself, his world, his universe, and his human problems.

"You have done for us in this Twentieth Century what Ptolemy, Euclid, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler did for their earlier centuries. But you have further penetrated all physical barriers and extended your discoveries into definite forms of the infinite law which created our universe and keeps it in operation with mathematical precision through the millions of years."

Monday, March 18, 2024

Attain True Spiritual Enlightenment Through The Goddess Serpens Mulier


You should start with a foundation of nudity ( promoting a humble mind-set ), and through 

the teachings of the Goddess Serpens Mulier and the Master Solus Dominus, You can attain 

True Spiritual Enlightenment.

Man conceives life as spontaneously generated in matter at favorable temperatures and under favorable conditions.

Such concepts are not true concepts.

In searching for the life principle man is attempting to discover something corresponding to a germ which quickens lifeless matter.

Life is not a germ and no matter is lifeless.

Life is in and of all things from the beginning, always and forever.

Life has no beginning. Life has no ending.

Life is eternal.

Life is in and of all inorganic as well as all organic matter.

Life is in and of all of the elements and the atoms of the elements and the compounds of the elements.

Life is in and of the sun of the atom, the planets of the atom and the heavens surrounding the universe of the atom.

Life is the effect produced on the substance of Mind by the sequence of alternating electromagnetic pulsations which constitute the process of thinking. The progress of this effect is registered in integrating light and manifests itself in that orderly periodic phenomenon inherent in all matter and all things which man calls "growth."

All "growing" things are imbued with the life principle.

All things are "growing" things. All matter is evolving.

All matter is growing.

All matter is living.

Life is merely the registration, in matter, of states of motion of thinking Mind.

The substance of Mind has the appearance of many states of motion which man calls the "elements of matter."

The "elements of matter" do not vary in substance. They vary only in their states of motion.

All motion is periodic and evolutionary.

All motion is motion in equilibrium. No other motion is possible.

All motion has the appearance of being divided into opposites.

These opposites of motion shall henceforth be termed "motion-in-inertia" and "motion-in-opposition."

All that appearance which man calls matter is "motion-in-opposition."

The 120 Club ( Generally, I Do Not Date Any Woman Over 120 lbs.)

 Of course I would prefer that you choose to follow the Truth...Not the nonsense of "my truth" or "a truth"...How about ...