Wednesday, May 1, 2024

A female submissive must EARN her collar...train-collar-own

                       A female submissive must EARN her collar...train-collar-own

As a BDSM Master and Spiritual BDSM Master with 20+ years experience, The comment that I have, which I hope will stimulate conversation, it seems like people, in general, are in a state of *Paralysis of Analysis* in 2024...Solus Dominus, The one and only true spiritual master of enlightenment is teaching a select few...But this is NOT a commercial post, One reason is that you cannot buy your way to spiritual enlightenment...and if someone is asking you for instruction fees, then it should be obvious that it is not true enlightenment. You cannot have one foot in the physical-realm and one foot in the spiritual / materialistic realm. 

even when someone knows that a specific spiritual master is teaching truth, They seem to naturally run from Truth and embrace lies. 

Sounds weird, But you will learn that even licking the back of the hand of The Spiritual Master Solus Dominus can heal you physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sexually ( as long as it is the Master's teaching on sacred sexuality.

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